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  • Camper for rent can be operated by a person, who has at least 3 (three) years of driving experience and owns a driving license (category B.
  • Driver must check oil, water level and tire pressure every time he fills the vehicle’s tank with fuel or on the first day of the trip.


  • The rent start from the date specified in the transfer-acceptance act. Lease statement comes into force when a sum of 500,00 EUR is paid in advance; the previously mentioned amount will guarantee that the vehicle will not be transferred to third parties or be used in any unspecified way.
  • Transfer of the fully operating vehicle is made after the lessee pays the rent price and the franchise tax of 500,00 EUR (if the lessee is younger than 25 years old and his/her driving experience is less than 5 years, the franchise tax is 600,00 EUR). If the vehicle is returned in a perfect state, without any defects and a full gas tank, the franchise tax is returned to the lessee.
  • Franchise tax is frozen in the credit account (if not agreed otherwise).
  • KASKO insurance is included in the rent price.
  • Lessee must transfer the full amount for vehicle rent to the lessor’s bank account no later than 15 days prior to the trip.


  • Lessee is allowed to take the vehicle abroad. Lessor is responsible for issuing the green card – liability insurance (lessee must ensure that the foreign country belongs to the green card (liability insurance) list. Otherwise, the lessee must cover insurance expenses himself).
  • Lessor transfer the vehicle to the lessee in perfect state and working order and a full gas tank.


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